Ong Kuan Kuan – BNI Executive Director

2016-01-08-16-05-15Kuan Kuan is a veteran in the networking industry and has a wealth of experience in the textile and health industries. She started textile business as an Indentor for 19 years representing textile manufacturers from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Germany and Italy. She also enjoys a successful stint in the health and nutrient business since 1993. Despite her busy schedule, she wanted to do something more which has a richer purpose.

In year 2000, in line with her passion to connect and enrich lives, Kuan joined BNI Singapore and was appointed as a Director. Soon after she launched her first chapter – Pinnacle, she continues to mentor and build business referral chapters in BNI. Currently, she has 9 chapters under her belt and actively guides and ecstatically refers business opportunities to the members of BNI.

  1. BNI Pinnacle
  2. BNI Raffles
  3. BNI Premier
  4. BNI Prestige
  5. BNI Steadfast
  7. BNI Impact
  8. BNI Inspire
  9. BNI Alliance