BNI Big Breakfast 2012 – Far East Region

In line with 2012 being the year of the Olympics in London,  BNI Far East Region, under the mentorship of Ms Ong Kuan Kuan decided on the theme of Business Olympics for the International Networking week.

The Olympics connotes team spirit, competitiveness and achieving one’s goal which  are also attributes necessary for a successful business.

Members and guests were treated to a series of Ice breakers related to sporting activities while one chapter, namely Pinnacle, turned up in full Sports attire to complement the theme.  That is the spirit of the members.

There was a total of 120 attendees, with some turning up as early as 6.30 am to support this once a year activity.

With the event being held at the Singapore Flyer, the early birds enjoyed the sunrise and the beautiful view of the tourist sights of Singapore.

Many deserving members were awarded book prizes for their contributions and visitors had a chance to familiarize themselves with the BNI system.

Everyone had a field day getting to know each other in the most fun and exciting way.
As usual, it culminated with the visitors orientation by individual chapters and all in all, it was a successful and memorable event.