Visitors Day

Visitors Day at BNI-Pinnacle chapter (Fri 26 Aug 2011)

BNI-Pinnacle chapter received some 30 guests at Upper Crust Café in Raffles Place.

During the Education minute, Lim Boon Kai shared how change is necessary in business.
Danny Harrington from BNI Hong Kong gave his personal testimony on his growth through BNI.

Ong Kuan Kuan our mentoring director showed the visitors how to build and capitalize on business opportunities by word of mouth.

The members passed 20 referrals and S$100,000 worth of done deals that morning.
Upon seeing this, visitors too participated by passing referrals in the true BNI spirit of “Giver’s Gain”.

Indeed it was a rewarding experience for both members and visitors alike.

BNI Pinnacle Visitors DayBNI Pinnacle Visitors Day

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